Selfridges, London

Selfridges, London
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Located on London’s Oxford Street, Selfridges is one of the world's most iconic department stores. The shop comprises six floors, 10 acres of retail space, 11 restaurants and two exhibition halls.

The position of three very large diesel tanks was restricting articulated lorry deliveries to the basement loading bays. Our client required a solution to the compromised access, so commissioned Bells MES to remove the tanks and replace them with a new tank and pumping system.

The fuel tank and pumps were situated in the basement and the generator was housed on the roof. The Bells MES team had to drain down and remove the fuel tanks, cut back existing SECON-X® and FLEXWELL® FSR pipework, install the new tank and pumps and put in the new pipework.

We also ensured that the old diesel fuel could be sold on by taking it away and having it polished. This allowed us to pass on the equivalent discount to the client.

The extra space has enabled Selfridges to create a new entrance to the loading bays, so that delivery lorries now have unhindered access in and out of the building at any time of day.